Every effort has been made to get a framework in place for post offices to provide Government services, according to the Chief Executive Officer of An Post. 

Speaking to an Oireachtas committee on Communications, Climate Action and the Environment, David McRedmond said Post Offices were Government offices but he said the Government was not using them.

He said they had done everything they committed to do when it comes to introducing new financial services and he said they were gaining huge market share in some areas.

However, Mr McRedmond said when it comes to Government services it had been a "real disappointment".

He told the committee that Post Offices were great opportunities to have Government presence in every town and village across the country. 

In his opening statement he said An Post has transformed from a rapidly declining, loss-making entity into a growing, profitable business

Mr McRedmond said this is the second year of solid financial improvement.

However, he said all of that has not been achieved without some "tough but necessary actions".

He told the Committee that mail volumes continue to decline between 7-10% every year.

He said the gradual decline in cash services and social welfare also continues to threaten the Post Office network.

Mr McRedmond said An Post was in the consumer lending business and he said they wanted to do more work in this area.