The Social Democrats have said they are hopeful of getting seven to eight seats in the next general election. 

Speaking at the party's think-in in Ballymun in Dublin, co-leader Róisín Shortall said they were not ruling out a coalition with any party at this stage.

"It is about what the next government is focused on and is prepared to deliver. So from our point of view it is much more about what, rather than whom," Ms Shortall said.

Ms Shortall said their aim was to achieve a social democracy and "a fairer country" and if other parties shared that vision, they were happy to work with them.

She said while a general election now would be unwise due to the uncertainty around Brexit, there should be a vote as soon as there is "some resolution".

The Social Democrats also called on the Government to prioritise the protection of public services and living standards against Brexit.

Co-leader Catherine Murphy said the potential impact of Brexit meant that the Government had to be "all the more careful not to make expensive mistakes".

Ms Murphy said issues such as broadband, the Children's Hospital and the public services card, and housing would have been enough to cause a general election.

"In any other scenario, one of those would have made Government fall," Ms Murphy said.

Ms Murphy strongly criticised the Government's handling of the public services card issue, saying it was "quite astonishing" that the Government would undermine the Data Commissioner.

The party is also proposing a new national retro-fitting scheme under a 'pay as you go' system, instead of a system where home-owners had to contribute upfront for grant schemes.