Solidarity-PBP have warned that ordinary workers should not be punished for the fall-out from a possible no-deal Brexit.

The alliance of six TDs held their annual think in ahead of the new Dáil term today, focusing on workers' rights, climate change and housing.

Solidarity TD Mick Barry called on trade unions to send out a message that workers would not be the "whipping boys" in the context of a no-deal Brexit.

"The news that 10,000 jobs could be lost in the tourism and hospitality industry within three months of a no deal Brexit should act as an alarm bell for the trade union movement," Mr Barry said.

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett also said they would not allow Brexit to become "the new austerity excuse".

"Every crisis is used as an opportunity to have a crack at working people."

The group of TDs was also briefed by student climate change strikers and trade unionists.

Mr Boyd Barrett accused the government of sabotaging his party's Climate Emergency Bill, which seeks to end oil and gas exploration in Ireland.

Mr Boyd Barrett also said that People Before Profit had written to several parties and unions last month seeking support for an alliance of the left ahead of a general election.

"We want a debate on the left, as we face into a general election, about whether we are actually going to build an alternative to Fianna Fáil Fine Gael dominated politics in this country."

"We think everybody on the left needs to set out clearly what their position is on that. We'd like to see a genuine left alternative rather than the left ending up propping up Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael governments".