Renua received €366,000 in Exchequer funding last year, despite not having any TDs or Senators.

Details have been announced of almost €6m in State funding made available to eight political parties in 2018.

This includes €2.24m for Fine Gael; €1.9m for Fianna Fáil; €1.2m for Sinn Féin; €955,000 for the Labour Party; €398,000 for the Green Party; €496,000 for Solidarity-People Before Profit and €412,000 for the Social Democrats.

Renua received €366,000, including €289,000 State funding for 2019, and €107,000 carried over from 2017. The party currently does not have any elected TDs, Senators or local councillors.

It ran 26 candidates in the local elections, but the only one to win a seat, John Leahy, stepped down as party leader following the results. Mr Leahy said he would contest the next general election as an independent.

The Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) published details of the funding, which is based on the share of the vote received by each party at the 2016 general election.

The funding can be used for research, training, policy formation, the general administration of the party, including branch activities, and the promotion of young people and women. It cannot be used for election or referendum campaigns.

According to the party's statement of expenditure filed to SIPO, Fine Gael spent €102,000 last year on its Ard Fheis and conferences, €115,000 on training and development for party branches and €78,000 on consultants and €104,000 on an equality promotion programme.

Fianna Fáil spent €250,000 on training, education and research; €50,000 on the promotion of women in the party and €37,000 on its youth branch, Ógra.

Details have also been released of a separate Parliamentary Activities Allowance, which is paid based on the number of TDs and Senators a party has and whether they are in Government or opposition.

This amounts to €2.4m for Fianna Fáil; €2m for Fine Gael; €1.5m for Sinn Féin; €618,000 for the Labour Party; €170,000 for the Green Party and €386,000 for Solidarity-People Before Profit.