The Taoiseach has told the Dáil that the Government is examining new online safety measures for young people following the pornographic content found on the phone of one the two 14-year-old boys convicted of the murder of Ana Kriégel.

The matter was raised by Labour Leader Brendan Howlin during Leaders' Questions in the Dáil, who asked if the Government would examine the UK's new system of age verification for accessing pornographic content.

"We can clearly and unambiguously say this material should not be accessible by children," Mr Howlin said, pointing to the new law in the UK, which will take effect from mid-July.

Leo Varadkar said he was aware the matter was still before the courts, and sympathised with Ana's parents  and the parents of the convicted boys.

However, he said the accessibility of pornography was a matter of concern.

Mr Varadkar said Mr Howlin's suggestion of learning from the UK's experience was appropriate.

Separately, he said that the Government's online safety bill introducing an online safety code, prohibiting cyber bullying and material that promotes self harm, bulimia and anorexia.

"There will also be an Online Safety Commissioner to certify these codes are fit for purpose and may have the power to order take down in certain circumstances," Mr Varadkar said.

Sinn Féin Leader Mary Lou McDonald also said the office of a digital safety commissioner must be established quickly.

She told the Dáil that yesterday's court judgment has crystalised the importance of this issue.

Given the urgency of the situation she said that every effort must be made now to get the office put on the statute books.