The Government is supporting a Fianna Fáil bill to improve health and safety standards at funfairs.

The bill was tabled after an RTÉ Prime Time programme highlighted gaps in safety legislation.

Fianna Fáil TD Niall Collins brought forward the Health and Safety Funfair Amendment Bill which calls on the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) to play a role in regulating the sector.

In 2017, an RTÉ Prime Time programme highlighted the absence of any statutory agency charged with monitoring, inspecting and regulating the use of funfair equipment.

Minister of State John Paul Phelan said the Government was supporting the bill and it raised important safety issues. He said the current safety regime placed significant obligations on funfair operators already, but safety at funfairs needed to be "reviewed and improved" if necessary.

He said work had begun on an inter-departmental report which will bring forward a series of measures to deal specifically with funfairs.

Fianna Fáil TD Mary Butler outlined the bill in the Dáil this evening on behalf of Mr Collins.

"Unless the current legislative gap is bridged in Ireland further tragic accidents may occur," Ms Butler said.