The chairperson of the National Transport Authority has told an Oireachtas committee that they have received more than 30,000 submissions on the proposed BusConnects project.

The CEO of the NTA, Anne Graham, also said that they had responded to 1,000 calls and 2,500 emails regarding the BusConnects Bus Corridors, and had met 230 property owners since 2018, which equates to around 15% of the total affected property owners.

The aim of the BusConnects projects is to provide 230km of dedicated bus lanes and 200km of cycle lanes on 16 of the busiest bus corridors in and out of the city centre.

However, some community groups and homeowners have strongly objected to the proposed route, which will see some homes lose part of their gardens.

Ms Graham told members they were continuing to work on the revisions to the proposed network which is expected to be completed by this summer, but added that "in deference to the requests received from public representatives, we will commence the consultation on the revised network in September this year".

The Oireachtas Transport Committee was also told that 1,200 people attended 12 public information events for phase 1 and phase 2 corridors since November to date.

Ms Graham said the project was fundamental to addressing the congestion issues in the Dublin region with the population due to grow by 25% by 2040, bringing it to almost 1.55 million people.

"Bus services provide the main form of public transport across Dublin with 67% of public transport journeys each day made by bus," Ms Graham said.

"The level of commuting to work by bicycle has also increased by 43% since 2011 and the need for better and safer cycling facilities will be provided through the rollout of the Core Bus Corridor project".

On the MetroLink project, Ms Graham said it is now estimated construction on the project will take six to seven years.

A revised route published yesterday saw plans to close part of Dublin's Luas Green line shelved, and the new line will now extend south only as far as Charlemont.

Changes to the northside route means the Mobhi Road area will no longer require the acquisition of the playing fields of Na Fianna GAA club, however local soccer club Home Farm FC will still be affected.

"In consultation with Home Farm FC, we now propose to construct a more compact station under their pitch. The pitch will be unavailable during the estimated three-year construction process but will be fully restored afterwards, Ms Graham said.

Public consultation on the Preferred Route for Metrolink has now commenced and will continue until 21 May 2019. There will be a number of public information events at various venues over the coming weeks.