A new Democratic Programme must be drawn up by a 'People's Dáil', a group of community and trade union activists have said.

The 'People's Dáil' forum, which has been organised by the Peadar O'Donnell Socialist Republican Forum, will hold it's first meeting in Liberty Hall later this month.

It will aim to measure the achievements of the First Dáil 100 years after its opening meeting.

Speaking at the launch of the event, former MEP Patricia McKenna said those in power had abysmally failed the people for several decades.

The General Secretary of the Mandate trade union, John Douglas, said it was important to hold meetings that will give people a voice.

He warned that a failure to engage with people's anger and frustrations with the political system would create a vacuum that would be filled by "dangerous forces."

Trade unions, academics, historians, community organisations, GAA clubs, political parties and youth groups from North and South have been invited to attend the Liberty Hall meeting.

Meetings of the 'People's Dáil' are also set to be held around the country later in the year.