The Confidence and Supply Agreement was never a product of normal times.

And so the profound abnormality of political events elsewhere means its extension to the early part of 2020 now looks inevitable.

The continuation was set in train this afternoon when the Fianna Fáil leader sketched a bleak picture of what a hard Brexit may look like.

The darkness Micheál Martin conjured up made the mere suggestion of a snap election here look like an act of political madness.

It all means he can sell the message that Fianna Fáil has acted responsibly and put the country before the party.

The result would be stability in Dublin, which stands in stark contrast to the political volatility in London.

It should all be enough to quell, for the moment at least, the fears of those in his party who feel more than a little uneasy about underpinning the Fine Gael-led Government for another year.