The Green Party has launched a bill to facilitate the transfer of workers from fossil fuel industries to climate friendly ones. 

The Just Transition (Worker and Community Environmental Rights) Bill 2018 would set up a commission to bring workers, communities, employers, experts and government together to discuss transition plans and put them on a legal basis. 

Party leader Eamon Ryan said the bill sets out to make sure worker's rights and communities' rights are protected and enhanced during a transition away from fossil fuels. 

The party says around 1,700 jobs are directly dependent on the peat industry in the midlands and a further 2,500 jobs are indirectly dependent on it. 

Bord na Móna recently announced that that up to 430 workers are to be made redundant, with up to 150 expected to go by Easter next year.

The decision has been made necessary because of the need to decarbonise energy sources in response to climate change.

Mr Ryan said the bill could also apply to those employed by the car industry.

The party said they drew a similar piece of legislation introduced by Bernie Sanders in the United States. 

His Clean Energy Worker Just Transition Act aimed to help coal communities in Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois. 

Green Party Senator Grace O'Sullivan said a similar commission was also recently established in Scotland. 

She said Government action was needed on this.

"People have to be protected. Transferring to a de-carbonised economy means an inclusive approach has to be taken to ensure no one is left behind," Ms O'Sullivan said.