A Sinn Féin Councillor has said he is resigning from the party, after it failed to take a complaint that he registered seriously.

Councillor Seamus Morris said he was disappointed that the party dismissed the 49-page complaint, which included allegations of bullying and intimidation.

However, in a statement the party has said that there was an exhaustive review process put in place at his request.

Speaking on RTÉ News at One, Mr Morris said the negative experience for the last nine months had "shrouded" him "in abject misery."

He said he believed things started to go wrong after the last general election, when he decided not to run anymore as a general election candidate.

He said the local Sinn Féin organisation expelled him in May, despite the Ard Comhairle saying there was no reason for which to expel him from the party.

After this, he said, the bullying and intimidation stepped up.

This included a whispering campaign, which he said was very powerful.

Sinn Féin has denied the claims, saying they found no evidence of a smear campaign against Mr Morris.

The statement adds that as part of that process, complaints were made against Councillor Morris regarding his behaviour towards fellow party members in the constituency.

The party says it had been looking into these complaints and Mr Morris was due to answer the complaints last week. 

He sought an extension of time, which was granted, and was due to answer the complaints in writing this evening, they said.

Mr Morris has denied that he went to the media with allegations about the party.

He said he wished his former colleagues the best of luck and said he intended to run now as an Independent Councillor.