The Green Party has said it wants to win six seats in the next general election.

At the start of their two day annual think-in at Blanchardstown in Dublin, party leader Eamon Ryan said they were also targetting between 32 and 36 councillors at the next local elections.

Mr Ryan said the party would run in every constituency in the next election, and hoped to gain seats in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin Fingal, Cork, Louth and Kilkenny, places where they had done well in the past.

The party's chairperson Catherine Martin said they were going from strength to strength and had "punched above their weight" in the last Dáil.

On the controversy over the Garda Representative’s Association's statement on the false breath tests,

Mr Ryan said he thought ordinary rank and file gardaí would have been disappointed in this.

He called on the GRA to be more "honest and real" in their public pronouncements.

On NAMA's role in social housing, Mr Ryan said this had been part of his party's manifesto, but warned that NAMA would have to work with local authorities and not take over.