The Independent Alliance has confirmed that it will support Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar in the vote for taoiseachon Wednesday.

It follows what was described as a "very constructive" meeting between Mr Varadkar and the Alliance this morning. 

In a statement, the Independent Alliance said that a number of issues were discussed "including the need for government stability, Brexit and rural affairs".

The members said that they agreed with Mr Varadkar that the commitments contained in the Programme for a Partnership Government will be honoured.

The statement also said that both Mr Varadkar and the Alliance agreed that there would be "more free votes in the Dáil in future and priority will be given to ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities".

In a statement, Mr Varadkar said that he welcomes the support from the Independent Alliance. 

He said that he is committed to working with them and "other independent representatives to provide effective leadership and strong government".

"This morning's talks were open and positive and focused on how we can implement the Programme for Government more effectively.

"Although Ireland faces many challenges, the most significant of these being Brexit, it's great to see such positivity and potential for progress," said Mr Varadkar.

Earlier, he said that his immediate priority is to "close Ireland's large infrastructure deficit". He said that failure to do so could have "negative consequences for future growth and living standards".

In a statement, the taoiseach-in-waiting said: "Whatever happens, I will ensue that our debt levels continue on a downward trajectory in terms of GDP and that the EU fiscal rules are applied."