Fianna Fáil's Barry Cowen has said his party remains committed to the confidence and supply agreement with Fine Gael.

Mr Cowen was speaking on RTÉ News following Enda Kenny's announcement that he is to retire as leader of Fine Gael.

The Offaly TD said that "irrespective of who leads Fine Gael, they as a party ... committed to what was contained in it [the agreement] and we would expect that to remain the case into the future."

His comments come after party colleague Willie O'Dea has said Fianna Fáil should review the agreement before agreeing to facilitate the election of a new Fine Gael taoiseach. 

He said: "In the event of a new leader being elected to Fine Gael I think we'll have to have another look at the supply and confidence agreement before we decide to support a government led by that individual".

He said there are certain aspects of the agreement that are not being honoured by the minority Government. 

"For example, the section to allow Opposition bills passed for at least ten weeks into committee stage, that's not being honoured.

"There are other aspects as well that I would like to see tightened up. I think we have to discuss all that before we support, whoever emerges a new leader of Fine Gael when he or she contests the position of taoiseach in the Dáil".

Mr O'Dea's position is at odds with that of his party colleague Michael McGrath who said yesterday that there would be no need for new talks with any new leader of the Fine Gael party, if the party did not change the Programme for Government.