One to watch: Can Sinn Féin hold three to be in with a chance of First Minister's position?

Profile: This is another of the rural constituencies where Sinn Féin holds three of the five seats and will have to work hard to retain all of them.

There has been a high turnover of Sinn Féin representatives.

While all three candidates enter the race as sitting MLAs, only one of them was actually elected last time.

Both others have been co-opted to the Assembly to replace party colleagues during the mandate.

The SDLP's Daniel McCrossan has built his party's share of the vote and looks set to retain his seat for a third successive Assembly election.

The DUP also comfortably holds a seat here and by running only a single candidate - the incumbent MLA - would appear certain to hold it.

The last of the three Sinn Féin seats will be a target for other parties.

The Ulster Unionists might have been hoping to have a chance.

But they have got themselves into a difficult situation parachuting in a candidate who does not have the full support of the local party organisation.

The candidate is Ian Marshall, a former president of the Irish Farmers' Union and former member of the Seanad.

If disgruntled Ulster Unionist voters are looking for another home, some might swing to Alliance.

That coupled with an expected bounce for the party at this election could bring the Alliance candidate into play in the final reckoning.

2017 Assembly Election: Sinn Féin 3; SDLP 1; DUP 1

First preference vote share 2017:
Sinn Féin 48.1%
DUP 20.4%
SDLP 14.2%
Ulster Unionists 8.2%
Alliance 2.8%

Seats Available: 5

Number of candidates: 14


Nicola Brogan, Sinn Féin

Barry Brown, Independent

Tom Buchanan, DUP

Trevor Clarke, TUV

Stephen Donnelly, Alliance Party

Amy Ferguson, Socialist Party (NI)

Carol Gallagher, People Before Profit Alliance

Paul Gags Gallagher, Independent

Susan Glass, Green Parry (NI)

James Hope, Aontú

Ian Marshall, UUP

Declan McAleer, Sinn Féin

Daniel McCrossan, SDLP

Maolíosa McHugh, Sinn Féin