One to watch: Could Ulster Unionists lose their only female MLA at Stormont?

Profile: This constituency has a history of narrow finishes and the final seat in the 2017 Assembly election was decided on a slim margin.

Sinn Féin won it from the DUP with just over 300 votes to spare, giving them three of the five seats on a strong electoral performance. It will be a challenge for the party to replicate that and the SDLP will be keen to take back a seat it lost last time out.

The other two seats are held by the DUP and Ulster Unionists. There is a big name missing from the DUP ticket this time around.

Former first minister Arlene Foster represented this constituency for the party until they ousted her as leader and she resigned her seat. She was replaced by her one-time press officer Deborah Erskine - a Foster loyalist - who is tipped to hold the seat.

An Ulster Unionist decision to run two candidates when they really only have a chance of taking one seat has caused some head-scratching. Rosemary Barton is the incumbent, the party's only female MLA in its 10-strong Stormont grouping. Her running mate Tom Elliott is a well-known figure - a one-time party leader and former constituency MP.

If he replaces Mrs Barton, it could leave the party with no female representation at Stormont. That is not a good look when leader Doug Beattie has promised to address a gender imbalance in the ranks.

2017 Assembly Election: Sinn Féin 3; DUP 1; Ulster Unionists 1

First Preference vote share 2017:
Sinn Féin 42.1%
DUP 29.8%
Ulster Unionists 11.6%
SDLP 9.8%
Alliance 2.7%

Seats available: 5

Number of candidates: 16


Derek Backhouse, Independent

Rosemary Barton, UUP

Matthew Beaumont, Alliance Party

Paul Bell, DUP

Emma DeSouza, Independent

Jemma Dolan, Sinn Féin

Alex Elliott, TUV

Tom Elliott, UUP

Deborah Erskine, DUP

Adam Gannon, SDLP

Colm Gildernew, Sinn Féin

Emmett Kilpatrick, People Before Profit Alliance

Denise Mullen, Aontú

Áine Murphy,Sinn Féin

Donal O'Cofaigh, Cross-Community Labour Alternative

Kellie Turtle, Green Party (NI)