One to watch: Alliance and Traditional Unionist Voice targeting breakthrough.

Profile: A constituency with no nationalist representation in the last Assembly election when the number of seats dropped from six to five and Sinn Féin lost out.

Oliver McMullan is seeking to win back that Sinn Féin seat, but this is an area with a predominately unionist population so one where nationalists will struggle.

It is set to be a battle between the unionist parties and the Alliance, which is fielding two candidates and hoping to make a gain.

The Traditional Unionist Voice, outspoken critics of the DUP and Ulster Unionist stance on the Northern Ireland Protocol, hopes to take a seat off one of them. This is viewed as a constituency where the party needs to do well if it is to make a breakthrough.

The DUP's two candidates are Stormont Economy Minister Gordon Lyons and its other incumbent MLA David Hilditch.

Alliance is running incumbent MLA Stewart Dickson and a running mate in the hope of picking up a second seat.

Those hopes are based on an astonishing performance in the last British General Election in 2019 when the party took 27.3% of the vote, almost double that of the Ulster Unionists.

For the Ulster Unionists, Roy Beggs and John Stewart are hoping those numbers will not be repeated as they seek re-election.

Both the Alliance and TUV say they are confident of making a gain, with the former hoping to win over liberal unionists and nationalists and the latter going after disaffected DUP supporters.

This is a constituency that has never had a female MLA since power-sharing was restored in 1998 and that is highly unlikely to change with the only female candidate this time around, the SDLP's Siobhan McAllister, not considered a contender.

2017 result: 2 DUP, 2 UUP, 1 Alliance

2017 First preference share:
DUP 35.2%
UUP 22.7%
Alliance 16.1%
Sinn Fein 9.9%
SDLP 4.1%

Seats available: 5

Number of candidates: 10


Mark Bailey, Green Party (NI)

Roy Beggs, UUP

Norman Boyd, TUV

Stewart Dickson, Alliance Party

Danny Donnelly, Alliance Party

David Hilditch, DUP

Gordon Lyons, DUP

Siobhán McAlister, SDLP

Oliver McMullan, Sinn Féin

John Stewart, UUP