A furnished apartment at the British Prime Minister's residence on Downing Street was up for rent for £9 per month on the UK-based property website RightMove.

A member of the public jokingly added No 10 to the property website, which later appeared to be removed, attached with seven photos of the flat’s decor and floor plan following Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Its key features included a "resident cat," referring to Larry – the cat who resides at the flat as its "chief mouser" – as well as a "great social space", a nod to the parties hosted by Downing Street while the country was in lockdown.

The terraced property was also listed as having 15 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, with its square footage "perfect for parties and work gatherings".

It read: "This large social house (perfect for parties and work gatherings) has recently become available.

"The rental price sits comfortably with the country deficit and will give you all you need.

"Do not worry if not working at present, job available with property.

"Many responsibilities but no experience or training has ever been necessary.

"Ideally a broad (knowledge) of many areas as up to 50 roles will need to be covered.

"Beautiful area, surrounded by the city’s finest. Office space perfect for romantic visits and conducting many types of affairs… as in activities."

A photoshopped "Rooms to Let" sign appeared on the gate outside No 10’s door on one picture.

Twitter users quickly spotted the property and shared its brief availability on the platform.