Five baby penguin chicks have been born in west Kerry, with Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium appealing to the public for help naming them.

The aquarium arranged to acquire ten Humboldt penguins from a facility in Cornwall in England some time ago, but Britain's departure from the European Union and the Covid-19 pandemic led to delays.

Dingle Oceanworld Director Dr Kevin Flannery said Brexit and Covid had complicated the process of moving the penguins.

"They were over in the UK, it took us virtually six months to get them in, to get clearance - third country and all the protocol hassle etc - and then we got them in.

"We have them in situ here for over a year, and then about 45, 46 days ago they hatched, and out of the hatchlings we now have five baby chicks, five baby penguins.

"So we have happy feet all over the place, and we're delighted."

Humboldt penguins are native to Chile and Peru in South America, and the species has been listed as vulnerable.

The five Dingle-born baby penguins are doing well and Oceanworld has issued a call to the public to name them.