A minke whale became the highlight of a visit by scientists to the waters of Courtmacsherry, Co Cork, where they intended to study hundreds of basking sharks found in the Atlantic.

Marine scientists from Ireland, Canada and the US were busy fitting basking sharks with hi-tech tags in an effort to find out more about the creatures, according to a local reports.

They were travelling with skipper David Edwards, who captured footage of a minke whale jumping out of the water.

"It was just off the old coastguard station, we counted it doing 26 breaches in a row, it was mad. I was trying to get it on my camera, pointing it out the window as I was going along," Mr Edwards said.

Minke whales are Ireland's smallest and most abundant baleen whale species.

They are typically seen once and then may disappear for up to five minutes before reappearing in an unpredictable location, earning them the nickname 'slinky minke'.