Fota Wildlife Park has announced the names of the five Northern Cheetah cubs who were born there on 10 August.

The names, chosen by members of the public, are Roy, Sonia, Arlo, Mia, and Cora.

More than 900 names were submitted as part of a public competition to find names for the newborns.

The winners, who each received annual passes, included Ava Connolly from Dublin who suggested Mia, Faye McNamara from Cork who suggested Arlo, Noel and Emma O'Herlihy from Limerick who suggested Sonia, and Sadhbh Barry Murphy from Cobh who suggested Roy.

Lead ranger Julien Fonteneau said they were "delighted to receive such a great response from the public to our naming competition".

"The animal ranger team had our work cut out trying to choose the winners from the huge choice of names.

"Two of the suggested names were very easy to select. Roy Keane shares the same birthday as the cubs and we felt it was very fitting to name a cheetah, as the fastest land animal, after our local Olympic track medallist, Sonia O’Sullivan."

The Northern Cheetah subspecies is considered endangered by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as there are fewer than 800 left in the wild.

A total of 238 cheetahs have been born at Fota Wildlife Park since 1984.