An American air bomb from World War II has been discovered in the German town of Fürth, prompting evacuation orders for over 1,200.

Residents and employees at local businesses within a 300-metre radius of the bomb's discovery site had been ordered to evacuate, according to city officials.

The dud bomb, which weighs around 225 kg, was discovered on a construction site west of Fürth, a town near the city of Nuremberg.

The city set up a shelter for those ordered to evacuate and tweeted that access would be given to vaccinated evacuees or those with a negative COVID-19 test. It added that rapid COVID-19 tests could be done on-site.

Several major roadways and metro stations have been closed in the city as of noon on Wednesday as a detonation squad works to defuse the bomb.

The railway lines to the hospital, Klinikum Fürth and the Würzburg, have not been affected, according to city officials.

Courtesy of Stadt Fürth.