Passing famous landmarks and stunned Glaswegians, German artist Arnd Drossel rolled his way into Glasgow this week caged in a giant sphere, aiming to raise awareness of what the individual can do to tackle climate change.

Mr Drossel was completing a three-month journey from his hometown in Paderborn to the COP26 host city that took him through seven countries and more than 60 cities.

Along the way, he encouraged individuals to make specific promises to tackle climate change. Mr Drossel said his own promise was to offset all his personal carbon emissions.

Sometimes accompanied by his son or wife, Mr Drossel covered the main parts of the trip by walking inside the 160kg metal sphere, occasionally packing it on top of a tricycle for the more impassable stretches.

The artist told Reuters he would carry on urging people to make promises to tackle climate change for as long as it takes to reach his goal of one million promises.