A countryside bridge which provided inspiration to the author of Winnie the Pooh is due to be put up for auction for up to £60,000 (€69,000).

The honey-obsessed bear's creator, AA Milne, played on the bridge in Ashdown Forest with his son Christopher Robin Milne, where they invented the game of Poohsticks.

The sturdy structure, which was built around 1907, rose to fame after being included in the Pooh series and was officially renamed Poohsticks Bridge in 1979.

In 1999, the bridge was taken apart after being worn out by thousands of tourists and a replacement was built with financial support from the Disney Corporation.

Until recently parts of the original bridge were kept in Ashdown Forest Centre when the local Parish Council gave permission for it to be rescued and restored.

It is expected to fetch between £40,000-60,000 (€46,000-69,000), with the sale being held by Summers Place Auctions on 5 October.

The auction coincides with the 100th year of the original Winnie the Pooh, who was given to Christopher Robin Milne as a fluffy companion on his first birthday in 1921.

James Rylands, specialist in charge of the auction said: "Summers Place Auctions are delighted to be selling a piece of literary history which has given pleasure over the generations to millions of children around the world."