At a height of 21.16 metres, and standing 3.5m higher than the previous record holder, the world's tallest sandcastle was unveiled in Denmark last week.

The sandcastle built in Blokhus in northwest Denmark broke the Guinness World record previously held by a sandcastle constructed in Germany in 2019, which was 17.66m tall.

Dutch designer Wilfred Stijger said his creation was inspired by the coronavirus pandemic.

He said he put a coronavirus bacteria as a crown atop the castle to illustrate how the virus is ruling our world, and not allowing us to do what we want to do.

Like many other big sandcastles, it is made as a triangle in order not to collapse and a wooden construction was erected around it so that the around 30 artists could cut the figures in the sand.

The sand in made up of 10% clay in order for it to stick together better.

An extra layer of glue is put on when the sandcastle is done to help it last through most of winter.

The Guinness world record was measured by an authorised surveyor and signed by witnesses and will be in the book's next edition.

The Sand Sculpture Festival in Blokhus takes place every summer.