As with so many other parts of the world this time of year, St Patrick's festivities would normally be well under way among the Irish community in London and across the UK.

But ahead of a very different St Patrick’s Day across the globe, organisations like the London Irish Centre are heading online to stream a special virtual St Patrick’s Day celebration under the theme of London Le Chéile.

The Irish Elderly Advice Network is an organisation that works to combat poverty, isolation and distress amongst the elderly Irish in London.

The group was initially formed in 1993 because of the deaths of three older Irish people in Camden, who died alone, isolated from their community.

The network was determined to prevent such a tragedy happening again.

Cameraman Declan McCaughey and Nora Mulready from the Irish Elderly Advice Network talked to some of the older Irish community ahead of this St Patrick’s Day about how they are coping with the ongoing lockdown in the UK.