Police in the German city of Hamm have been using sketches by six-year-old children to help in tracking down a rogue driver, who allegedly caused damage to a road barrier before fleeing the scene.

Police singled out the four children – named Luisa, Romy, Celina and Luis – for "special praise" in helping their investigation.

The four youthful sleuths were on their way to school together at around 8.40am on Wednesday morning when, while waiting for the green light to cross the road, a black car rounded a corner before driving into the barrier.

Police are utilising the above sketch by six-year-old Celina (Image: Polizei Hamm)

In an online post, police said the driver – described as having short blond hair - then "ignored the damage and drove on".

The children arrived at school and reported the incident to their teacher, who then informed police.

Two of the children, Celina and Luis, then drew up sketches of the incident, as well as a rough description of the fleeing driver.

Police say the pictures are now part of their official investigation file.