A two-year-old boy has recently become an internet sensation in China, winning over 400,000 fans online with his incredible basketball skills.

Videos posted by Li Modengxian's parents show the toddler sinking incredible trick shots.

Li, who lives in in Luzhou City, in China's Sichuan Province, has a range of impressive skills; deftly dribbling through an obstacle course and shooting with great accuracy.

Li began to develop his interest in basketball after watching his dad play when he was only a year old.

Starting with simply imitating his dad, he now plays basketball for up to two hours every day, his parents say.

His father, Li Bo, said he originally shared the videos online to share what he thought were cute moments, but the videos went viral, and Li now has over 400,000 followers.

"Of course we did not expect this. We are quite moved, since 99% of the comments online showed encouragement for our little boy. As parents, we also feel inspired and encouraged by people's support, and we surely will do our best to help him improve."

At home, this two-year-old cannot stop shooting with his over 40 basketballs.

"I like playing basketball. I like shooting," he said.

When asked about any plan for the boy's future development, his parents said they believe that it would be better to let things take their course, but they said they will fully support him in whatever interests his takes.

"I believe that interest is the best teacher. He could do whatever he likes and we will just be there for him," said Huang Yu, his mother.