Police in the Luqiao district of Taizhou, in China, have been flying drones to disperse public gatherings and deliver announcements to people failing to comply with special security restrictions in place over the coronavirus epidemic.

"In recent days, the Luqiao Public Security Bureau has used remote-controlled drones to disseminate announcements over loudspeakers," police in the district wrote, in a caption on footage they released.

The video opens with shots of a man walking on a public street being told to put on a face mask.

"To the man in black, we are the police brigade of the Luqiao sub-bureau. We are reminding you to wear a mask when walking outside. Please protect yourself in special times," the announcement billows.

In another sequence, a group playing cards at the foot of residential buildings is asked to cease their game.

The group is filmed as they pack up and acknowledge the overflying drone.

Drones have also been used by authorities across the country in other ways, from spraying disinfectant, facilitating construction work and even delivering fresh produce to isolated residents.