An Australian fire crew had a close call when a wildfire suddenly spread across a road they were on in New South Wales.

A video released by the Dunmore Rural Fire Brigade shows firefighters on a road in Shoalhaven where they were sent to protect properties threatened by the Currowan Fire.

However a sudden southerly wind pushed the fire through vegetation and across the road.

The crew quickly got into their vehicles and left the scene, moments before the road was engulfed in flames.

The three-minute video was recorded on 4 January, but was released today with the fire brigade warning of the speed with which fires can spread.

"This goes to show what happens in just over 3 minutes," the Dunmore fire brigade said.

"People are reminded to adhere to the warnings when given from the appropriate services as this is not a pleasant place to be when a fire impacts at any time, especially at short notice."