A virus similar to the SARS pathogen has killed hundreds of people and spread around the world since emerging in a market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

China's National Health Commission has said nearly 30,000 people have been infected by the novel coronavirus.

Outside mainland China, there have been more than 150 infections reported in more than 30 countries and regions.

The World Health Organization has declared an international emergency over the outbreak.

Here are the places that have confirmed cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus:


As of 7 February, 31,161  people have been infected across China, the majority in and around Wuhan.

Most of those who have died were in that region, but officials have confirmed multiple deaths elsewhere, including in the capital Beijing.

Two territories outside of mainland China - Macau and Hong Kong - also have confirmed cases.

Sixty-one people on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship have the virus.



British health officials have announced that three people have tested positive for the virus.


A tourist from Wuhan tested positive for the virus on Wednesday 29 January and is being treated in isolation in hospital.


There are six known cases in France, the first European country to be affected.


Germany now has 13 confirmed cases.


There are three confirmed cases.


Russia said on 31 January that two Chinese citizens had tested positive in the country's first cases.


Sweden has announced its first case on 31 January, a woman whose nationality has not been revealed.


Spain reported its first case on 31 January in a man on the island of La Gomera in the Canaries who was one of five people isolated after coming into contact with a German man with the illness.



Fifteen patients have been confirmed in Australia. Most of them arrived in the country from Wuhan or Hubei province.


Cambodia's health ministry has so far reported one case, a 60-year-old man who arrived from Wuhan.


Officials confirmed the first case in Kerala, southern India, on Thursday 30 January. Two more cases have been confirmed.


Health authorities have registered 25 cases, including two cases of human-to-human transmission.


Malaysia has confirmed 15 cases so far.


Nepal has reported one case so far: a man who arrived from Wuhan.

The Philippines

The Philippines has reported three cases of the virus, including one death.


Singapore has 33 confirmed cases.

South Korea

South Korea has confirmed 24 cases of the virus.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has confirmed one case, a 43-year-old Chinese tourist from Hubei province.


Taiwan has uncovered 16 cases so far, including two female Chinese nationals in their 70s who arrived in the country as part of a tour group.


Thailand has announced 25 confirmed infections.


Vietnam has ten confirmed cases.

North America


Canada has confirmed five cases so far.

United States

The US has confirmed 12 cases.

Middle East

United Arab Emirates

UAE health officials said Wednesday a Chinese family of four had all tested positive for the virus after arriving from Wuhan several days ago. There are now five confirmed cases there.