A seal that is normally native to the Arctic area has been rescued in Co Clare.

The juvenile Arctic Ringed seal was found on a beach in Quilty in west Clare on Sunday.

The mammal is thought to be only a few months old and was in a very weak state.

The seal was rescued in advance of Storm Brendan because of fears that she may not have survived the huge swell on the west coast during the storm. It is not known if the seal was with her mother or not.

The seal is now being cared for by Seal Rescue Ireland. It has named her Cloudberry, after an Arctic flower.

Melanie Croce, who is Executive Director of the charity organisation, said it is incredibly unusual for an Arctic Ringed seal to be found this far south of the Arctic.

She said that the only other documented case of an Arctic ringed seal in Irish waters was in Co Galway over 100 years ago when the remains of a ringed seal were identified.

Sam Brittain, who is the animal care manager with the organisation, said that Cloudberry was very weak but that she is slowly recovering.

He said Seal Rescue Ireland is currently liaising with experts in Alaska and Holland for a care plan for Cloudberry.