'Zebras' are on the loose on the often chaotic streets of La Paz.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Bolivian capital city's traffic, they wave their hooves to help people cross roads and seek to raise awareness amongst drivers to stop at traffic lights and give way to pedestrians.

These zebras are part of a road-safety awareness campaign called Zero Urban Educators.

They scold drivers for any transgressions in a humorous way, hoping to get their road safety message across through comedy.

The programme is supported by local authorities in La Paz.

There are 100 zebras in the city.  Many are at-risk youths who have been recruited as part of a rehabilitation programme.

Zebras receive a stipend for their work and are given workshops on their jobs, as well as on civic education. They also visit schools and take part in promotional safety campaigns.

Such has been the success of La Paz's zebras, the programme has been rolled out to four other cities in Bolivia.