Tyson Steele was living in a remote cabin in Alaska, when he accidentally started a fire, burning his cabin to the ground and leaving himself homeless in subzero conditions.

As the flames engulfed the cabin after he tried to start his stove with a large piece of cardboard, he quickly grabbed coats, sleeping bags and bedding and made his way outside.

He spent two nights in a snow cave, before he fashioned a shelter out of tarps and off-cut materials.

Left without communications after the blaze, Steele was to spend three weeks in this new structure, before police searching for him after concerns were raised about his lack of contact with the outside world spotted the huge SOS he carved into the snow.

The Utah native survived on cans of beans and peanut butter before he was rescued.

Ken Marsh, spokesman for the Alaska State Troopers, called Steele's survival "stunning". "He really had to think fast in a few seconds," Marsh said.

"Really a terrifying prospect, and he just did an amazing job of thinking fast, thinking clearly, acting logically, and, basically, saving his life."

Sadly, Steele’s dog, a six-year-old labrador named Phil, did not survive the fire.