This year, the Estonian town of Viimsi, just outside the capital Tallinn, decided it was time to make Christmas more relevant, and green.

Instead of the traditional pine tree, an installation of plastic containers is taking centre stage in the town's Christmas celebrations.

Teet Suur, the artist behind the environmentally-friendly installation, says the inspiration came from his local petrol station, where window washing liquid, usually available in 5l plastic containers, is now readily available from pumps that go straight into the car.

To avoid letting these containers end up in a landfill, Suur decided to put all 1,185 of them in large cubes and stacked them up 11m high.

Accompanied by coloured lights, the material that would otherwise have been discarded has instead become a magical, alternative display for Christmas.

For Suur, nothing can be more special than delivering the important message of saving the environment through his work this festive season.

"The installation is calling to reduce the consumption of plastic. Because you really don't need to buy the window washing fluid in this small container, gas stations now have these small pumps where you can take it straight into the car, so the plastic container is not needed at all. One could really think about it and save some plastic," he said.

 And residents can't get enough of this unique tree.

The best thing about this year's Christmas installation, according to Viimsi's mayor, Laine Randjarv, is that the real pine tree can stay in the forest where it belongs.