An ice hockey team from Pennsylvania have set a new world record after more than 45,000 bears and other stuffed animals invaded their rink during a recent game.

The Hershey Bears, from the town of Hershey, collected 45,650 stuffed toys during a charity Teddy Bear Toss event during their home tie with the Hartford Wolf Pack.

After the home side scored their first goal, fans all around the arena began to throw stuffed animals onto the ice.

These are then collected by the team and donated to around 40 charities ahead of the festive season.

The Teddy Bear Toss is a common event among minor league hockey teams across North America, with the suitably named Hershey Bears smashing their previous world record of 34,798 collected last year.

A spokesman for the team, which is from the same Pennsylvania town as Hershey's chocolate, said the stuffed animals are "donated to nearly 40 local organisations including schools, food banks, churches, lions clubs, as well as the Milton Hershey School, Children's Miracle Network, and the American Cancer Society".