Halloween can be an exciting and fun time, but it can also be a very difficult time for our pets.

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says that while they generally do not see acts of "deliberate cruelty" against animals, a lot of animals can go missing or becoming injured - sometimes both - due to fireworks.

Gillian Bird of the DSPCA told RTÉ's Morning Ireland that "once the fireworks start going off" at the start of October, people start to lose their animals.

"The animals get scared, they run, they get hit by cars, they go missing, people don't always have collars on them, they're not always microchipped so we get a huge number of injured and lost animals into the shelter," she said.

She said that the best way to keep your pet safe at Halloween is to ensure they are microchipped. 

This way, if the pet does go missing the owner can be reunited with it quickly and easily.

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However, if people do not have their pets microchipped and will not be able to get it done before the main Halloween festivities begin, they are advised to make sure they are as comfortable as possible on 31 October.

Much like ourselves, animals will be more relaxed if they are fed, warm and comfortable, so the main advice is to pamper your pooch and create a nice den for them.

"A well-fed pet, nice and warm, curtains are pulled, windows are closed, TV or music is on and you not making a big fuss about it is going to help an animal an awful lot," Ms Bird said.

The choice of a spooky Halloween movie or something more relaxing is up to you!

Once your pet is comfortable, it is a good idea to make sure that if you are going to the door to hand out sweets to visiting ghouls you do not bring them with you.

Keeping a closed internal door between your pet and the front door will prevent them bolting outside if they hear a noise.

If you are in an area that gets a lot of trick-or-treaters, it can be a good idea to leave a note at the front door asking people to knock quietly rather than to ring the doorbell if that can excite your pets.

People are also advised to keep the Halloween goodies out of the reach of pets - chocolate can upset dogs stomachs, while things like monkey nut shells can prove to be a choking hazard.