Newly released footage shows the moment a commuter, distracted by her phone, walked straight off a platform and into the path of an incoming train in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid Metro released the surveillance video showing the traveller getting up from a bench with her eyes fixed on the phone, as she hears a train pulling into the station.

She walks towards the edge of the platform, where the train doors would otherwise be, failing to notice that the train is still some distance away.

The woman steps right off the edge, and falls onto the tracks as passengers scramble to help.

The train grinds to a halt, just metres away.

Madrid Metro released the recording of the incident at the Estrecho station, calling on passengers to "look up from their mobile phones when walking along the platform".

The transport authority warned that "not looking up when you are waiting for the subway is a distraction that can prove expensive".

It reassured viewers that "in this case, nothing serious happened".