Italian authorities have busted a gang of 12 'professional thieves' after they targeted travellers at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport.

The gang of men, with ties to Algeria, live in France and Spain and operated largely in Italy. According to Italian State Police, their method consisted of renting cheap accommodation near Termini train station; choosing properties that failed to comply with legal requirements to register guest details. 

The men would then regularly fly into Fiumicino Airport in disguise and target mainly rich Arab, Japanese or Russian businessmen, claimed the police.

Five gang members were arrested after they were captured on surveillance cameras at the airport. Evidence has been gathered on another seven. The gang of 12 is facing charges of aggravated theft. 

Footage released by Italian police shows the thieves in action over the course of just a few hours, during which they would have stolen up to €50,000 worth of goods and personal belongings.