Twin white lion cubs have been born at Jinan Wildlife Park in East China's Shandong Province. 

The boy and girl cub are in good health and opened their eyes on Sunday, a few days after their birth on October 2.

They were placed in an incubator after they were born as their mother, who had not given birth before, did not know how to look after them.

The Zookeepers fed them goat’s milk every three hours, while regularly monitoring their weight and temperatures. They also spent plenty of time playing with them. 

"The white lion is a rare albino species of African lions. It is very rare itself. It is even rarer to have two little white lions in one birth," said zookeeper He Shubao.

As they were born on the second day of the National Day holiday from Oct.1-7, the cubs were aptly named "National Day babies" by the zookeepers. 

Jinan Wildlife Park has a total of three adult white lions, one male and two females. One lioness gave birth to the twins this time. It is also the first successful breeding of the white lions in the park.