A football stadium in Austria is being transformed into a forest, in an art installation designed to remind people not to take nature for granted.

Inspired by a dystopian drawing by Austrian artist and architect Max Peintner, Swiss artist Klaus Littmann designed the project to challenge perceptions of nature.

'FOR FOREST - The Unending Attraction of Nature' aims to highlight the idea that nature may some day only be found in specially-designated spaces.

Three hundred trees are being transplanted at the Wörthersee football stadium in Klagenfurt, for what will be Austria’s largest public art installation, running from 9 September – 27 October.

Up to 30 trees per day, some of them weighing up to six tonnes each, will be carefully installed over the existing football pitch to give the impression of a central European forest.

The Wörthersee stadium is  one of Austria’s most modern football stadiums. It opened in 2007, and complies with all UEFA and FIFA guidelines.

A large accompanying culture program aims to focus on issues like forests, nature and environment protection.

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