American actress Kim Basinger and South Korean activists held an anti-dog meat protest in Seoul this morning, while farmers ate dog meat in front of them, separated by a bastion of police officers.

About a hundred protesters attended the protest outside the National Assembly Building, laying flowers in front of dead dog replicas.

Basinger and dog lovers urged parliament to revise the amended animal protection law which allows the slaughtering of dogs for food.


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Meanwhile, South Korean dog farmers and members of the Korean Dog Meat Association held a pro-dog meat rally.

The demonstrators ate dog meat as part of Chobok celebrations; a Korean festival celebrating one of the hottest days of the lunar calendar year, when it is traditional to eat dog meat.

Consumption of dog meat is on the decline in South Korea.

It is mainly eaten by older people, as dogs are becoming increasingly popular as pets. Humane Society International, an animal welfare activist group, estimates there are 17,000 remaining dog meat farms in South Korea.