Video showing a Venezuelan National Guard vehicle slamming into protesters in Caracas, who were demonstrating in support of opposition leader Juan Guaido and calling for President Nicolas Maduro to resign, has attracted widespread criticism.

Luis Alejandro was one of those protesting on a Caracas highway on Tuesday when he was struck by the armoured vehicle.

However, his injuries are relatively minor, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Not deterred by being hit, Mr Alejandro has vowed no let up in the protest movement against Mr Maduro.

Speaking to Reuters, he said: "Without fear, and with the same conviction, with the same strength that if we all go out together, Maduro will not be able to stand the pressure and resign.

"We need to continue, and that is why in part I'm not sad about them hitting me. At no moment did I feel bad [about being hit by vehicle].

"I was surprised to be wounded and that an armoured vehicle came over me, but at no time did my will go. At no time."

His mother added: "Even though the tank rammed him in the back, he was thrown to the ground, my son emerged [relatively] unharmed with just abrasions, small first-degree burns on his skin, seven stitches on his head, superficial [wounds] and an injury on his right ankle.

"I want them [authorities] to realise the unbreakable strength of the freedom fighters of Venezuela.

"They can't be beaten. We are not a people who bow down because we are freedom fighters and want Venezuela to be free."

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