Jeffrey Yeboah started his furniture shop in Accra, Ghana, five years ago, having seen an opportunity to run his own business.

Using recycled tyres, glass, fabric and various coloured ropes to bring out his designs, his business both reduces waste, and creates innovative furniture.

"I love my job, I love what I do, it's the best thing I ever did for myself, if not for anything at all, I feel I'm part of a problem-solving community.

"I mean I am taking car tyres off the street, I am taking car tyres from gutters, I am stopping car tyres from being burnt, I am stopping car tyres from generating mosquitoes and all that."

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Yeboah taught himself how to make side tables, coffee tables and arm chairs.

He is also a part time student, at the University of Ghana, where he is taking a course in Economics and Information studies.

The entrepreneur says he wants to promote recycling and educate people about waste management.

He collects used tyres from dumpsites and also sources some from second hand dealers in the city.

His company, Ripples Interior, employs two workers, while also trains aspiring furniture entrepreneurs.

Clients can order custom-made designs or select designs from his furniture catalogue.

The furniture pieces range from $30-250, depending on the size and design.

He advertises his work on social media and also gets referrals from other customers.

He wants to grow his business further and is working on plans to get more funding, as he continues to provide practical furniture while helping clean up the environment.