A woman was hurt when an overhead road sign crashed onto a motorway in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday evening, crushing her vehicle.

The metal sign, five metres wide by four metres high, was part welded and bolted to the overhead barrier when it fell during the evening rush hour.

The road was reopened later in the evening, with authorities launching an investigation, but deeming the motorway safe.

The woman remains in hospital, but is in a stable condition, according to local media.

Victorian Roads Deputy Chief Executive Robyn Seymour said: "At this point we don't know what's caused it.

"We have metal specialists looking at the sign, as well as our engineers. We really need to, and we want to, we need to get to the bottom of what went wrong in this situation so that we can ensure that it doesn't happen again.

"With the information that we have based on the investigations that were undertaken last night, we believe that it is safe. We would not have the freeway open if we believed there was risks to the community today."

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