The Disclosures Tribunal report has found that former garda commissioner Martin Callinan went on a frontal attack against garda sergeant Maurice McCabe.

Mr Justice Peter Charleton said there was a campaign of calumny, or slander, against the garda whistleblower by Commissioner Callinan, aided by his press officer Superintendent Dave Taylor.

The judge praised Sergeant McCabe as a genuine person.

But he strongly criticised the Child and Family Agency, Tusla, accusing it of "astounding inefficiency".

Here are ten quotes from the report:

'A genuine person'

"Maurice McCabe is a genuine person who at all times has had the interests of the people of Ireland uppermost in his mind. Those interests he regarded as superior to any loyalty which he had to the police force of the State. Neither interest should ever be in conflict."

- Chapter: Conclusions | Part 3: Report on the allegation of character assassination

'Frontal attack'

"As far as Commissioner Callinan's state of emotion left him, it was only by a frontal attack that he might head off what he saw as the undermining of standards of duty and loyalty to which he had devoted his career. That involved, regrettably, a pretence that Maurice McCabe was not only unreliable, but that reliance on him would be a trap, the springing of which, through him being charged with one or multiple sexual abuse allegations, would leave Deputy McGuinness looking more than foolish. The conversations as described by John McGuinness TD took place."

- Chapter: John McGuinness TD and Commissioner (Martin) Callinan

'Campaign of calumny' 

"... the tribunal has been convinced that there was a campaign of calumny against Maurice McCabe by Commissioner Martin Callinan and that in it he was actively aided by his press officer Superintendent David Taylor."

- Chapter: Extent of role of Superintendent David Taylor

'Dress up lies in a legal syrup'

"What might be regarded as upsetting in all of this is the extent to which Superintendent Taylor was able to dress up lies in a legal syrup that cloyingly garnered public sympathy. He apparently succeeded in garnering public sympathy through the manipulation of the media and he also managed to hold on to his career through deceit."

- On Supt Dave Taylor's allegation of a smear campaign

'Coincidence it was'

"While many gardaí had a serious problem with Maurice McCabe and his complaints, a rape allegation was conjured out of nowhere. This must be one of the most unlikely coincidences ever to be accepted by any judicial tribunal. Yet, coincidence it was."

- Chapter: Conclusions on the Health Service Executive/TUSLA affair

'Astounding inefficiency'

"The false report had an afterlife within TUSLA. This was not due to any action by gardaí, but was because of the astounding inefficiency of that organisation and the inertia of its management in Cavan/Monaghan."

- Chapter: Conclusions on the Health Service Executive/TUSLA affair

'Laconic to the point of being mysterious'

"TUSLA were slow to respond to the public request for cooperation by the tribunal. Statements made were laconic to the point of being mysterious."

- Part 1: Report on the TUSLA file and Sergeant Maurice McCabe | Events unfold

'A hideous development in Irish public life'

"It seems that our public life is now to be dominated by spin and that plain speaking is elided in favour of meaningless public relations speak. This is a hideous development in Irish public life."

- Chapter: Public relations as a substitute for actual fact

'Not fit for purpose'

"The only point which the tribunal considers it necessary to make on this is that this inescapably demonstrates what Mr Justice Frederick Morris said in the reports of the Morris Tribunal: the system of garda discipline is not fit for purpose."

- Chapter: Garda leaks and Superintendent Taylor

'Selflessly decided to resign'

"Public ferment in December 2017 had rendered it responsible that the tribunal re-order its business. By the time the tribunal came to hear these matters, the Minister for Justice and Equality had selflessly decided to resign in the national interest in November 2017."

- On circumstances leading to then minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald's resignation

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