"You need to take a break from the running. Relax. Listen to what's happening around you and I certainly find my faith helps me in that."

RTÉ News spoke to people of different faiths in Ireland in 2018.

Harold Kingston, Church of Ireland, speaks about how faith got him through a difficult year in farming.

"My faith is certainly part of who I am in terms of identity.

"For me, here in a field of cows surrounded by nature, surrounded by God's work, if you want to put it that way, you start to figure out things and how things developed and I suppose that's the way my faith has developed as well.

"This year in farming circles has been testing and certainly my faith would've been tested along with my reason for farming has been tested this year.

"The weather has been absolutely diabolical. Back in the start of April, I was pretty well ready to pack it in as regards farming. But, as it turns out, one of the things that happened was that there were - there were people there.

"When we read a lot of different Bible readings, and so on, it's a case that there's this voice from the mountain that comes to you or whatever. But in a lot of cases as well, it's a case that God sends somebody and there were people came to me when I needed help that day.

"Sometimes you have to actually pause, take time, come down and sit on a water trough and you know, relax for a while. You have to take a break.

"I can see my faith this year actually being very practical in helping me get through. Whether it's to do with somebody coming to help, or whether it's to do with just being able to clear my mind and work things through in my mind.

"You need to take a break from the running, relax, listen to what's happening around you and I certainly find my faith helps me in that."

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