"I probably have more respect for faith than I necessarily have faith."

RTÉ News spoke to people of different faiths in Ireland in 2018.

Here, Sinéad and Paul Keogh discuss why a Humanist wedding ceremony was important to them.

Sinéad says: "I think when I die I'll be happy if there is a God but it's something I find hard to get my head around.

"I probably have more respect for faith than I necessarily have faith.

"I was raised religious but I don't necessarily know what I believe in anymore or if I believe anything.

"We chose a Humanist [wedding] ceremony for a couple of different reasons. Some of it was just practical, like we didn't have to go on a pre-marriage course. We could do everything in the one location and things like that. But I suppose the important reasons for me would've been that the ceremony reflected what the day meant for me.

"So we got to say what the wedding was about for us and stuff like that. And I felt we used readings that were from novels and from other things that we liked rather than having a religious outlook."

Paul adds: "It just allowed us to be more authentic in what we wanted from the day. We could have the readings we wanted, we could speak about things that we very firmly held and believed.

"It was inclusive. We could say what we wanted to say to each other rather than having to use the classic 'Love, Honour, Obey.' We could actually have a pretty frank conversation about what I will and won't do in our marriage as opposed to being told what I should or shouldn't do."

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