"Living thousands of miles away from family, particularly, you need a source to draw your strength from".

RTÉ News spoke to people of different faiths in Ireland in 2018.

Here, Vish Vaidyanathan speaks about what Hinduism means to him.

"I've lived in Ireland for the last 15 years. I live here with my wife and children. But my immediate family are all based in India. So, living thousands of miles away from us, away from family, particularly, you need a source to draw your strength from to get through your normal life.

"Faith is where I draw my inner strength from. I think we all live in a fast-paced world and life throws a lot of challenges at us and particularly drawing from a mental strength I always reach out to faith and faith allows me to connect to a power above us.

"For me, the Hindu faith that I believe and practise allows me to draw my inner strength from and get through daily life.

"And also, it's taught me certain fundamental principles around how to live your life and provides guidelines around what you need to follow.

"But I actually use faith as a way to try and answer or explain why certain things are happening to you; why you're born, the way you are, where you're born, where you live, what influences some of those activities in your life?

"Some of those are unexplainable and the way I explain that to myself is through my faith system.

"It's more than a religion. It's just a way of life. What Hinduism offers you is guidelines of how you can live your life and it's then up to you to pick and choose how often you want to do it."

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