A Dublin school is aiming to be one of the first in the country to eliminate single-use plastic items on its grounds.

A group of transition year students from Newpark Comprehensive School in Blackrock launched the 'Plastic Outta The Park' campaign as part of an ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Project.

"We realised that it's doing so much damage, and we have the ability to change it," said student Liza Kurevleva.

"We can take the initiative ourselves and we can start the change ourselves. So we decided we can do it, so why not start?"

The students researched the effects single-use plastic can have on marine life and the environment, and decided to raise awareness among their peers.

They conducted surveys, created art installations and made some changes, such as using a new reusable water bottle, and asking students to bring in their own lunchbox to the school canteen.

In September, the new school diary will contain a two-page spread that will outline the effects that single-use plastics can have, and how students can reduce the amount of plastic that they use every day.